Shipping & Delivery Policy


All of our Retail Meats are cryovac and frozen to preserve the quality of the product.  When shipping orders containing perishable product, the product will be shipped frozen with gel ice packs in a durable Styrofoam cooler. Which will then be placed in a corrugated box for extra protection for the cooler.  Any Seasonings or Sauces that are ordered along with perishable products will be placed inside the cooler along with the appropriate padding for shipping.

When shipping out orders for our Seasonings, BBQ Sauces and Salsa, we make sure that an appropriate corrugated box is used for each order.  Each of the BBQ Sauces or Salsa that are in a given order are individually hand wrapped in bubble wrap to provide extra padding during transit.  In addition, there is extra bubble wrap that is placed in the box that is being used for an order. This is to ensure that there is no movement during shipping that could possible lead to a product becoming damaged while in transit.   

Shipping Schedule

Orders that contain any perishable products will ONLY be shipped out during the week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday via UPS.  Orders that are placed by 12:00pm (Noon) of each of those days will go out that same day, orders placed after 12:00pm (Noon) will go out the following day. However, if an order is being placed Tuesday night or Wednesday that contains perishable products and will take 3 or more business days for the package to reach its destination. That order unfortunately will not be shipped out until the following Monday. This is to ensure that the order reaches its destination by the end of the day on Friday and the quality of product is still preserved.  As a result, we recommend at checkout to check on the delivery times when placing your order and to select a faster delivery option (if available) at checkout if needing it by the weekend.

For orders that only contain our Seasonings and Sauces, those will be shipped out Monday through Friday during the week. 

Any orders that are placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped out that following Monday.  


Lynch BBQ can only guarantee deliveries to addresses that are given to us. Orders cannot be shipped to post office boxes. We highly recommend that before submitting your order that you check to make sure the address is correct and verified.  In addition, if the destination for an order is in a rural or extend area, there may be additional shipping charges at checkout for the given order. Which is why we recommend (if possible) to ship to a business or commercial address to help save on those additional shipping charges.   

Once an order has reached its destination and is dropped off by the carrier, we recommend that if there are any perishable products inside the package that you place the products in the fridge or freezer upon arrival.  The recipient of the address provided is now responsible for the contents of the package, Lynch BBQ is NOT.  Meaning that if a package is not tended to right away and has not been brought inside in a reasonable time and placed in a climate controlled area (especially packages that contain perishable products), Lynch BBQ is no longer responsible for the quality of the product inside the package.  Now if a package is attended to right away and there is any issue with the contents inside the package, please contact us right away at 563-776-3401 or at

Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, delivery times may be extend an extra day or two while in transit.  Also deliveries during the holidays may too be extend extra days while packages are in transit to their destinations.  This is something that is out of our control once an order is fulfilled and shipped.  We recommend customers keep that in mind when placing an order, especially any orders that may contain perishable products.  As a result of any delays while an order is in transit, Lynch BBQ Company is NOT responsible for any those delays.  If any order is missing, late, or has not shown up on the day that it was supposed to be delivered to you, please contact us 563-776-3401 or at and we will investigate into the matter.


If you still have some general questions or concerns and would like some more information. Please feel free to contact us at 563-776-3401 or at and we will do are best to answer your questions for you.